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OFS Credit Company, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCCI) is a regulated investment company that is focused on generating current income and capital appreciation.

Our Business

We believe that we are well positioned to take advantage of investment opportunities in CLO securities and related investments.

    We intend to pursue a differentiated strategy within the CLO market focused on:

  • Proactive sourcing and identification of investment opportunities
  • Utilization of a methodical and rigorous investment analysis and due diligence process both structurally and on a loan-level basis
  • Utilization of the Advisor's in-house CLO investment team and related investment processes to provide credit analysis of each underlying loan portfolio within the CLO securities
  • Active involvement at the CLO structuring and formation stage, as appropriate
  • Taking stakes in CLO equity and debt tranches
    We seek to construct a broad and varied portfolio of CLO securities, including with respect to:

  • Number of borrowers underlying each CLO
  • Industry type of a CLO’s underlying borrowers
  • Number and investment style of CLO collateral managers
  • CLO vintage period

Recent News

The posted press releases were created as of the dates listed and reflect management’s views as of such dates. The information contained therein should not be considered current and may no longer be accurate. OFS Credit Company assumes no obligation to update or remove outdated information other than to the extent required by applicable law or regulation.